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Remembering the Good to Counter the Bad

The morning has dawned grey and chilly.  More rain predicted for today.  All three dogs are curled up in balls to sleep.  I am not far from that myself.  I am very tired this morning.  I sit here and look at the screen.  I can’t find anything to say.  I don’t feel very good.  I find that I have been going around that topic.  I deleted about three paragraphs so far.  I don’t want to talk about me feeling sick because I am concerned about the severity of it.  But feeling sick has pushed all else from my mind.  It is much worse than the last time around.  And honestly it scares me.

I try to focus on the kids but we can’t do much because of Essie’s sprain.  She still seems to think that she can go running and jumping.  So I have to limit my play with her but not the other two?  Ha!  Good luck with that!  I have tried to just throw the ball for Stella but Essie automatically assumes that her toy will be thrown as well.  So she will either present me with said toy or go buzzing out after her sister and look at me expectantly from the yard.  Moose just wants to be with me so whatever I decide to do is fine as long as he is with me.

The peeper was back by our ponds again last night.  I am very grateful for him (or her as the case may be but I am pretty sure it’s a he).  His song gives me hope at night.  We usually have a frog of some kind every year around the big pond.  The dogs usually leave him alone (although the smells keep Essie sniffing around for a bit and if he jumps into the pond… lol).  I am pretty proud of a frog coming every year.  This is the first time we’ve had a peeper though.  Usually you will just hear them at a distance from the surrounding lakes.  One of the many things I enjoy about living away from it all.  At night we can see the stars and listen to the “silence” and hear Nature.

My coffee has run out and my focus is too.  I will get a fresh cup and then probably curl up with a book.  I hope you and yours are well.  Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Writing and Memories

The rain has been steady all night.  I managed to get all three Pittys out to go potty after breakfast (and they didn’t melt!).  After dark last night I opened one of the bay windows wide so I could hear the peepers sing.  When I can hear them at night I know Spring is here!  As an added bonus it seems that one of them was hanging out at our ponds behind the house!  So I had a front row seat to listen to him.

I am still bashing my novel around trying to figure out what to do with it.  Maybe it was just meant to be a short story or a novella?  I am not sure anymore.  I am curious what happens to the characters but I don’t know what happens to them.  Since pretty much the next few days are supposed to be rain filled maybe this will help me stay focused on the story.  I have my current issue of The Writer that I have been going through.  Actually most of my recent writing magazines are sitting here on the table with bookmarks at various points.

An odd coincidence happened yesterday.  I got a hankering for orange marmalade the other day and remembered to grab some when I was at the store (the absolute last jar!).  Well yesterday I cracked the jar to have some on my toast.  (And it was goooood.)  Later that night I happened to be looking for some thing in my office and I found the Paddington Bear that my best friend in grade school and high school gave me.  The tag on him said 1987 so it had to be my 15th birthday that she got it for me.  Everytime I remember her I also remember that she is gone.  She commit suicide about six years ago.  One of my other close friends was able to find out what happened for me.  I am still missing one of my other very close friends.  We are still trying to find out what happened to her.   After I found Paddington I just kind of sat in my office and went down memory lane for a bit.  It’s interesting to see what triggers different memories.  It might be a sound, a scent or some thing you hold in your hand.

I had better get myself moving.  I hope you and yours are well. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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Doggie Tales

Essie has managed to sprain both her front legs.  I called our vet (they were booked solid and nothing til Monday at 4:45pm) the bit the bullet and called the ER vet.  I explained what was going on and what I thought had happened.  There was a possibility of doing a video conference call with the vet (yay!  no drive and no freaked out Pibble!) the tech just needed to talk to the doctor and see what she thought we should do.  Well because of Essie’s age (she will be 10 years old in July) it was decided that we should drive in for an appointment.  Bugger.  I asked what the drop off procedure was.  When we got to the vet’s office I was supposed to call and let them know we were there.  Then the hard part.  I had to put two of their leashes on her and leave her tied to the wall in the vestibule.  Broke my heart to do that!  Essie was not a happy baby either but as soon as I had left the vestibule they came and got her so she wasn’t there long.  She still tried to get to me when they took her.  She sat right down and refused to budge.  They finally coaxed her in the main office.  The first thing the vet said?  “First off I have to tell you what a sweet girl your dog is!”  I smiled and said thank you (I was sitting in my car talking to the vet on my phone).

Essie is on pain medication instead of an anti inflammatory because it would have been not only more stressful to Essie but more time and money as they would need to draw blood and run tests to check her kidneys and various other things to make sure she was ok to have the medicine.  Since Essie would probably stay quiet an not be running around the vet decided to give her pain meds.  The nice side effect of the meds is that it may cause drowsiness so that will help keep her from getting too busy.

Everyone ate dinner last night and breakfast this morning.  I think Moose still isn’t feeling well but I could not pinpoint what is wrong if asked.  I just know that something is.  Soooo that will be something to deal with on his vet visit.  And Stella is just fine.  She has been a real trooper since her siblings have been getting more attention than she has because they don’t feel good.

I ought to wrap this up as I am out of coffee.  Stay safe and thanks for reading!  And thank you for all the kind words and love sent!

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Dog Dilemmas

Today’s entry will be short.  We had an amazing day yesterday.  Unfortunately today is going to fall short.  Neither Essie nor Moose will eat.  Essie had a light limp last night I’m guessing from all the playing they did.  This morning she can barely walk.  Soooo I am going to have to call the vet and see if I can atleast get Essie in.  I am concerned with Moose because his not eating has become too frequent.  I’ve not given him any crap food so I don’t know what to do.  I don’t know if they will want to see them both or just Essie.  Gah!  I tried calling before I started this but they changed their hours amid all this madness.

I am also concerned because all three dogs have developed lumps of various sizes over the past few months.  Again things will have to be prioritized.  Essie first because she can hardly walk then the other two.  I still have the appointment for the 7th of May for all three.  I will push to get Essie in today and then hope things don’t get worse before the next appointment for either Moose or Stella.  Moose mostly since he is the one not eating.

Ok.  I need to try the vet again.  I hope you and yours are safe.  Thanks for reading!

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Projects and Goals

This morning I am at home and the sun is out.  I slept until around 8am.  I notice that 7am is no longer the norm for me.  Also I stay up later at night.  I think I may be finding my own rhythm.  The 7am thing started with the garage so that I would be up when the guys got here to work on the garage so I could keep the kids quiet so Chris could sleep.  It was also a nice segue to working at the lot.

I need to do some running after Chris gets up.  I will go get groceries at Meijer’s and then order our “Date Night Dinner” from Pearl’s (our local Cajun restaurant).  It will get me out of the house for a bit and around people.  I’m still not sure if I am taking Moose or not.  Stella probably won’t go for whatever reasons she has.  But I wanted to linger a bit at Meijer’s just to be out.  I don’t want to leave Moose in the car for too long.  I guess I will just wait and see.  I am tempted to take the bike to Meijer’s (I have saddlebags and a tail pack that would easily accommodate the groceries) but do I really want to come all the way home to unload the bike then hop in the car to go get breakfast?  It is a tough decision.  I suppose I could throw a leg over and just take a ride.  The battery should be charged.  But will my tendonitis allow me to ride?  I would hate to be stuck somewhere because my arm has suddenly gives out.  So maybe a joy ride would be best.

I’ve not done much with the novel.  I did some brain storming and got some ideas down but came to a dead stop in the actual writing of the story.  I have found a few books that deal with similar topics and I wonder if I should get them and read them for help.  But will I write anything when I am done?  I thought that “How Stella Got Her Groove Back” would help but it didn’t.  I can say I read another book.  Will this be more of the same?  I just don’t know.  It is rather frustrating.  The harder I try the more difficult it becomes to get any further with the novel.  I started this story in January.  It is almost May so I should be a LOT further along than I am.  I just don’t know.  Maybe a genre change?  Keep the same basic story but add some kind of horror twist or maybe a supernatural one?  I hate to toss the whole thing out because I do like the basic premise.

More things to ponder…  I hope you and yours are staying safe! Thanks for reading!

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Where Is the Restart Button?

I am writing this at the laundry mat with Moose. I am trying to get the jeans dry so Chris can go to work. it hasn’t been the best morning. I over slept because my tendinitis kicked in hard over the course of the night. I forgot to put jeans in before I went to bed so Chris has to do it when he got home. When I tried to put jeans in our dryer it started beeping and since not only was Moose freaking out but it was noisy I tried to quickly and quietly load up the car with laundry and dog (Stella picked this morning to be a shit and wander the yard instead of getting in the car so she stayed home). Realized I had no quarters left so I had to go to the atm and get out money and then get change. I have a lovely stress headache right now. I only hope Chris can get more sleep. His shoulder is really painful right now so he is miserable most of the time.

There is no WiFi here so this will probably drop on the site as soon as we get home. I did get an appointment for the kids at the vet. I will take all three since they are only taking them one at a time I won’t need to worry about trying to get everyone in together. I explained about Moose (I was talking to a new employee so she had never met the kids) and we came up with a plan to minimize his anxiety. We hope.

Moose is getting restless. We still have another 9 minutes before I can check the dryer. The first one I put a quarter in did not work. Thank goodness no one else was doing laundry because it turns out only one dryer is working. Gah! I hope the day gets better!

Short and not so sweet this morning. I hope you and yours are doing well. Stay safe and thanks for reading!

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The skies are still grey but there wasn’t any thin layer of ice on the ponds out back so that is a HUGE relief.  I don’t hear any birds though.  I didn’t sleep well last night.  It was a battle of who got to sleep next to me/with me.  When the lights went out both Essie and Stella were asleep between my legs.  Moose was asleep beside me.  Essie was snoozing on my thigh and Stella was at my feet.  Over the course of the night things changed and by the time I woke up for the day Moose was all but pushing me off the bed trying to get between me and Stella (who managed over the course of the night to be beside me on my pillow).  Essie had migrated to being by my feet.

Much got accomplished yesterday.  Things got straightened around with my phone app for the bank and I paid a bunch of this month’s bills up.  Which felt amazingly good.  I got a loaf of bread made (regular, not the sour dough) and got some groceries (among the items was a 25lbs (11kg) bag of flour and yeast).  I also treated myself to a sheet of T.rex stamps when I went to the post office and a Ganesh necklace that I had been looking at for the past few weeks.  I am debating about whether or not to take the kids into the vet for their annual exam and shot up dates.  Moose is my biggest concern as he gets scared the most (bad enough that I have to give him anxiety medicine before I take him and even with that he is bad off).  I just don’t know if he would go with someone else so they can give him his exam and shots.  I might call the vet today and ask.  I need to get them in and since I have the money I need to do it now.  (I can’t tell you what a relief to be able to do what needs to be done without worrying about money!)

Mom and I had a good talk yesterday.  Atleast until she started talking politics.  Then I just started giving short answers.  And then she was like Dad and was surfing the internet on her phone while we talked and telling me all this obscure stuff.  At that point we both decided to hang up and feed our respective fur kids.

I think I may start to seriously clean around here.  Maybe do a room a day.  Or maybe a task a day (like floors one day and windows another kind of thing).   I guess we’ll see.  I need to call the vet while I still am of a mind to.  Before Moose’s big brown eyes convince me that he is better at home with his Momma that at the mean ole vet’s office.  Take care and thanks for reading!

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When I let the dogs out this morning I tried to figure out how I would describe outside.  (I’ve been doing that a lot to try to give myself a writing task.)  Or atleast how it differed from yesterday.  The first thing I noticed was that the wind had slowed.  Looking out the window now I notice that it has gone from very breezy to really windy.  The trees look like they are dancing to music with a fast rhythm.  And my wind chimes are providing the music itself.  The skies have been dark for the past few days.  My weather app has said snow but thankfully none has fallen.  We still can’t leave the door open.

On the plus side I am seemingly baking something every day.  Yesterday was puppy treats and today will probably be more bread.  (That is the problem with my homemade bread.  We go through it faster than the store bought because it tastes so good.)  I still haven’t gotten through reading how to make the sour dough bread.  I was too frustrated about finding out that I had to feed it.  I should remedy that today though.  I need to do something with the yeast she worked so hard to make and share.  Sigh.  And I guess that will be a new experience so…  Wish me luck.

I am worried about the seedlings.  I may need to see if I can find one of those long trough like containers.  That would be ideal for the food stuffs.  Mom did send me a photo of an article on how to make pots.  It looked a bit like paper mache but I haven’t read the whole thing through yet.  I might be able to make something trough-like with that.

Ok, I just remembered to check my account to see if anything had hit from unemployment.  I log in and lo!  There is a significant amount of money.  Anxious I tap the amount so I can look at transactions.  It says I am not authorized.  I try another tab.  Not authorized.  I try to get help via the app.  That is down too.  So if you will excuse me I need to call the bank to find out what is going on.  Til tomorrow then.

Thanks for reading and stay safe!

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Baking and Gardening

Today was a late start.  Moose is having tummy troubles again and is gurgling next to me.  He’s finally stopped shaking from laundry.  The dryer ran through a cycle and as soon as he knew it was running he started shaking.  I will wait to run it a second time til after either I finish this or Chris gets up.  I also need to make puppy treats today or tomorrow.  I made bread yesterday.  Chris was able to get some before he left for work.  I discovered how much effort I got myself into with asking for the sour dough yeast.  I didn’t realize that I had to keep it fed with more water and flour.  I’ve had it a few weeks (I got it just before Chris got sick) so I’m not sure if I killed it or not.  I was going to pour some out in an attempt to make bread and replace what I took with more flour and water.  I don’t know if it is too late to save things or not.  I guess we’ll find out!

I need to check plants today to see who needs to be watered.  Thursday is my normal watering day but the house has been so dry lately that some of the plants seem to need water sooner.  I try to check the seedlings every day.  The ones in the egg shells in the cardboard cartons seem to need to be watered two to three times a week.  The ones in the pots and jars once or twice a week.  My orchid has shed all but three of his flowers.  The base plant is still green and happy looking.  The long stems are almost naked.  I’m not sure how often they bloom (not that it will make a difference here… my plants bloom when they want as my Christmas cactus will pop into full bloom or just a blossom here and there at random times) or if there is anything I need to do to the plant (food etc).  The next time he blooms I will see his actual colors as the colors he initially had were partially a dye that was injected into the stem to make it look like watercolors on the petals.  It was quite a beautiful effect.  I am quite excited to see what he original coloring is. I pressed two fallen blossoms in wax paper the other day.  The first one didn’t turn out as nice as I remember from childhood.  The whole thing kind of oozed green so I am assuming that a green dye was added to the stems.  One of my daffodils bloomed yesterday (despite the crap weather) and I have been thinking about trying to press that flower at one point.  I remember me coming back to the cabin with tons of cool flowers and Grams and I would press them in wax paper so I could keep them and bring them home.  I told Dad that I would do that when the lilac bushes bloom.  He doesn’t have any where he lives and the plants have special memories for him.  So maybe I will start a scrapbook of pressed plants.

Good grief I have rambled on!  My coffee is gone and I have gone quite a bit over in words from my average post.  Thank you for reading this long one!  If you have any ideas or questions in regards to gardening or plant pressing please feel free to post a message.  Stay safe!

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A Rather Blustery Day

The wind has been blowing hard since yesterday afternoon.  It even shared ice chunks overnight.  Now we may get up to an inch (2.5 cm) of snow in the next few hours.  Mot much I admit but still… It’s almost May!  I got some of the seedlings separated into other pots (I am so grateful I saved the plastic ones from the nursery a few years ago!).  Everyone seems to have survived overnight.  Yay!

Once I have finished this I am going to make bread.  I meant to do it last night but I got caught up with the plants.  By the time I remembered it would have been around 1am or later when I finally pulled the loaf out of the oven.  I will probably have to make puppy treats this week at one point as well.

The wind keeps distracting me.  You can hear it through the windows as it gusts through the trees.  A lot of the trees are being bent way over and there are a lot of branches and limbs scattered through the yard.  Everything is in constant motion.  Just like us the trees try to go back to the way they were and the wind blows them right back to new spot.

So many of my writer friends are using this time to work on projects and start new ones.  Not me.  I seem to be deeper in the quagmire of words than when I started.  I have all this open time and freedom to write and I come up with a big goose egg.  It’s not even from a golden goose.  I’m not sure what to do to get myself going again.  I have things going around my head but when they get on paper they don’t even sound interesting.  So I ditch the idea and stare around the house some more.  Even with reviews I don’t sound very competent.  And the authors of those books deserve that I sound atleast like I know what I am talking about.

I think I will make another cup of coffee and then start the bread.  It will have to rise for an hour before I knead it and let it rise for another hour then pop it in the oven to bake.  If I time it right that can be the smell that wakes Chris up.  As always thanks for reading and stay safe!