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And here we are again.  It’s official.  I have lost my job at the lot.  As much as it sucks i put in two applications via the net yesterday while I was getting things together for whatever they were doing with supplies.  I still have things to bring home (weights and a tarp as well as a few other things) but I will have to go and send stuff back so I didn’t try to get it all in one go.  I still have things to donate but with the virus scares no one taking donations.  Hopefully I can be allowed to keep the stuff there until after.

I also found out that one of that gals I worked with at Younker’s is on life support due to the virus.  I am waiting for updates.  I don’t think her outcome will be good.  Mom keeps going to the grocery store for this or that every few days.  She says she is taking all this seriously but I don’t think she really cares.  And arguing with her will get me nowhere.  She will still go regardless.  On the plus side her two dogs might be able to lose weight now that she can’t give them all the treats and bones like she usually does because of lack of availability.

I really should make more of an effort with my writing.  I really really should.  I should be using it as a comfort and a release.  But my heart just isn’t in it anymore.  I stare at my stack of projects and meh.  Funny thing is a brought home a ton of pens from the lot and I can’t wait to use them!  Sigh.

Speaking of which I should touch base with the paper to see if everyone there is ok.  I still have to send in my word count from this month.  Another task for today.  We need puppy treats as well.  I made phone calls about some of my bills yesterday.  I need to make more today.  Alteast one because I did not have the number with me at the lot.

I really should get myself together.  Atleast for a little while.  Stay safe and as always thank you for reading!  Have a great day!

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