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Surreal Sunday

There was blue sky but some clouds have moved in.  The sun is still fighting to get through the white clouds so the light has a surreal quality to it.  The wind has been steady since yesterday afternoon but it seems so be gradually picking up speed since last night. It has stopped raining atleast.

No traffic this morning.  That makes it easier to keep the kids quiet and when Stella barks at night I get up and check to see what it is because there is no one out in the wee hours anymore so she hears something.  I had two trucks slow to look at the bikes parking in the front yard the other day.  They continued to the end of the street and turned around and drove by again.  When I stepped out the door the left quickly.  One of those same trucks came by later that night and did the same thing.  We’ve been keeping all the outside lights on overnight.

I did a whole lot of nothing yesterday.  I did get the census done.  It was short and sweet so not a big deal.  Ahhh… the sun has pushed it’s light through the clouds for a bit!  Hopefully that means it will warm things up.  I may go out and work in the garden for a bit.  The raised gardens need to be cleaned out and the gardens in the front of the house need to be atleast raked.  I am feeling very blah today.  On the whole my writing doesn’t appeal to me anymore.  I finished one of my review books last night so I am going to have to do something soon.  But I keep saying that and the to-be-written pile just grows bigger and bigger.  Sigh.  Maybe being outside for a while will help.

Everything just feels so skewed lately.  Mom said that everything felt like it was from a book with what is going on.  And it does.  I’ve never liked those kinds of books (Stephen King’s The Stand keeps being brought up and I never liked that one in any of it’s forms and I am a HUGE Stephen King fan) so it makes sense that I would find this unappealing as well.

The washer is acting weird.  Hopefully leaving it off all night resets it so we can use it again.  Otherwise it will be the laundromat to wash the clothes.  I need to transfer the garlic chives to a pot because the gallon milk jug it is in seems to be disintegrating every time it gets touched.  (It has been in that jug for a few years now and thriving.)  That can be on my to do list today as well.  Stella is dreaming loudly (barking/woofing) and has woken everyone but herself.

I hope you and yours are safe.  Thank you so much for reading.  Sorry it is rather blah today.

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