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Looking For a Focus

I still have no word on whether or not I still have a job at the lot.  I am assuming not but I need to be told that so I can see if I can get any help from the State with money.  I have my to do list for Monday.  I am trying not to freak out.  I am honestly concerned about applying for the cashier job at the grocery store.  If I get sick what will Chris do?  We can’t afford to have both of us not working.

Yesterday was a beautiful day despite anxieties.  The sun came out and it was warm enough for shorts and a tank top.  Today it is a steady rain with grey skies.  I had hoped to try to get a ride in in the bike but maybe tomorrow.  The rain is supposed to last all day off and on.  I could take the bicycle out though.  I guess we will see.  I could also rollerblade in the garage too.  Maybe even get Chris out there in his rollerblades.  I know the kids would have fun chasing us.  That sounds like more fun.

I think after this is done I will try to get the census completed.  I know Chris won’t do it.  Too much on his mind.  I can hear the birds outside.  What really makes me smile is that I can tell that the Spring birds are hear because I hear the Spring bird songs.  It doesn’t seem like much but being able to hear the season has changed means a lot.

I need to do something with my writing.  Anything at this point.  All I do is this and my journal.  I am reading a review book but I still have two or more book reviews to write.  I’ve not done anything with the novel.  Our neighbor across the street has recommended that I use this and write a novel about it.  I had to laugh.  I hate these kind of novels.  I try to only write what I would want to read.  What would be really ironic would be that I write a novel about it and it becomes a blockbuster and then I am expected to write similar end-of-the-world stories.  Not that this is the end of the world but that was the gist of what my neighbor thought the story should be.

I have also volunteered to help one of the publishers that I have written for because they are going through a rough patch (who isn’t right?).  I would be working the slush pile for them.  And yes it would be for free.  They are good people and if no one helps they will have to close their doors (proverbial since they work from home) for good after a 10 year run.  So I said I could atleast do that for them.

Well I think I have run out of words for the moment.  Thanks so much for reading and all your kind responses!  Stay safe and I hope you have a great day!

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