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I didn’t get much sleep last night.  It seems my time my time at the lot may be coming to an end.  The last vehicle is leaving today sometime.  Which brings me back to the panic of what to do for money for bills.  The thick fog rolling in this morning is very much the way I feel.  There are jobs if I want to be in the front line of things.  Like the grocery store am-in Kalkaska is hiring.  Or local grocery has reduced it’s hours from 7am to 10pm to 9am til 6pm and on the 30th they will be pick up only.  You will need to call, email or text your orders and then pick them up curbside.  After I make my phone calls this afternoon I will decide whether or not I will be biting the bullet and working as a cashier in Kalkaska.

So many people are acting as if this is going to go away in a few weeks.  Even with the restrictions put in place the U.S. is now number one in virus cases in the world.  And my idiot friends who think that all of this is a hoax (I kid you not) I am trying to permanently distance myself from.

I did get things done yesterday despite all this.  The shelves that I fixed have a new home, my DVDs are resorted to that I now have my piles of extras sorted in with them, the small side garden has been raked, seeds have been planted for both the green peppers and the basil (the green peppers are in the egg shells and in dirt while the basil is in a pot), trash is out, dishes have been cleaned and put away and I finally figured out the weird light fixture on the front of the house so I can replace the light bulb (the whole fixture rotates and there is a clasp that you need to pop to get the top off so you can each in and replace the bulb).  So yay me!

I am trying very hard to see the good and not freak out about the bad.  I hope this finds you and yours well.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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