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A Gardening We Will Go

Yesterday was awesome!  After work I filled my propane tank, got seeds, got dirt and some pots (I got a little carried away at the Dollar General) and a few groceries (eggs and ice cream to be specific).  The sun was out and it was 50F (10C) to everyone I encountered was in a good mood.  I only spent $10 on a 10lb bag of dirt and 10-12 seed packets!  After Chris went to work (we only spent a few minutes together because I got home much later than I intended) I played with the dogs, cleaned off the rest of the deck, put out the garden hose, spread out the the pile of gravel our contractor left in front of the bike pad and (drum roll please!) I started my motorcycle!  Giggity!  The only thing I have to do is check my tire pressure on the bike and we will be ready to roll.  That will have to wait til Chris gets up so I can use the air compressor.  There were two sportbikes and three cruisers out yesterday afternoon.  Sigh…

It started raining just before sunset last night.  I pulled the cover off my bike and brought it in the house.  The goal for today is to atleast get the tire pressure done.  If I am feeling up for it I will throw a leg over and go for a ride.  The rain we had last night should have cleaned up a lot of the roads by getting the sand etc off.  We’ll see.  It is supposed to rain off and on though.  I hope to have both bikes on the bike pad this weekend so they will have a roof over them.

I hope to get some seeds started today as well.  I have separated the seed packets since some of them you can actually put outside while others you are supposed to start inside.  I have my first cardboard egg carton lined with the empty egg shells and ready for dirt and seeds.  My second one still has eggs in it.  I got food stuffs to grow (and a small box of flower seeds for the butterflies and hummingbirds) to that is things start to get really bad we will have something to eat.  And maybe even barter with (we have neighbors with chickens).  I will probably get more seeds as time goes on because I know there is more that we can grow on our own (I also found a video on things you can grow from what you eat such as lemons and oranges (how to use their seeds), celery, pineapple etc).  I am planning on clearing out atleast one of the raised beds in the backyard this week.  Hopefully I can figure a way to keep the kids out since that has been a favorite poop spot over the winter (we have left over chicken wire so I am thinking of cutting it in half lengthwise and putting that around the gardens).  The three raised beds should be enough to grow what we need.  Depending on how things go with this virus I may be learning how to can this fall!  I may get some big pots and try to grow some fruit trees that we can bring in when the weather gets cold.  There is something in the ground that doesn’t like the fruit trees we have tried to grow over the years.

Holy wow!  I have gone on this morning!  I had better wrap this up and get planting.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “A Gardening We Will Go”

    1. Thanks! I will try to keep gardening updates as things go along. If I can get WordPress to recognize that I’ve gotten rid of a bunch of pictures and have space I will share photos too.


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