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Things Beginning to Feel Real

Last night at midnight we were officially in lockdown.  Chris is still working and I am still going to the lot since I don’t have any contact with people and we need the money.  It is eerily quiet this morning.  The skies are grey.  We are supposed to get rain today.  That should get rid of the last bits of snow.  The temps are slowly rising this week.

I got to see Mom and the girls one last time yesterday.  I slid over there after work and spent a few hours with them.  I also treated the kids and I to some McDonald’s on the way home.  It was good to see Mom and the girls yesterday.  I got all kinds of lovins’ from the girls.  Mom and I had a good talk and some hugs before I left.  She was a sweetie and also got me some Oberon for the Oberon Release Day Celebration.  I attended the online event last night and toasted the opening of Oberon season and Spring with a few hundred people.  It was fun.  I also filled up the Jeep on the way home.  $23 to fill the tank!   Normally it would be around $30 or so.  That made me feel good.

Once I get back home the kids and I played a bunch and I spent too much time online looking to see what was going on in the world.  A writer friend in Scotland is sending a small care package with his new book and some Scottish tea to help cheer me up.  I am so excited!  It is so kind of him to send random care packages to cheer people up!  I almost cried.

We also had our first local case diagnosed yesterday in Kalkaska.  That is maybe a 10 minute drive from the house.  I am trying not to freak out.  I am doing well most of the time but if I stop and just be I can feel the panic rise to the surface.  I might want to think about getting some seeds at the Dollar Store soon.  I can start the seeds indoors and then once it is decent outside transplant some of them to the yard.  Maybe I will look tomorrow after work.  I will also need to fill the propane tank at work after tomorrow.  I hope the store I fill it at is still open.  Hell, I hope the Dollar Store is still open!

I had better stop here.  I have some stuff here I want to get done.  I hope you and yours are staying safe!  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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