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Blip! And Gone!

Well here we are again.  A chill morning but it is supposed to be much warmer than the past few days.  Most of the snow dumped on Friday is one and we can see our ground again.  I spent too much time in the news this morning.  There is some positive but not much.  Most of it seems to be worse than yesterdays.  But I can’t not look.  I am worried about family and friends in those areas.

Yesterday was just Chris and I.  We had BLTs and watched movies and tv episodes.  It was nice to spend the day together.  Only down of yesterday was Essie got sick a few times (almost in my slippers).  But this morning she seems fine.  The sun even came out in the late afternoon.  That cheered everyone up.

I have a ton of new books on my Kindle both to review and pleasure read.  Many authors and publishers are offering free reading material online.  There is also free audiobooks.

Oh crap.  Just saw the clock.  I gotta get gone.  A longer post tomorrow.  Thanks so much for reading!  Stay safe and I hope you have a great day!

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