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Happenings in Our Zoo

The sun was coming up full and brilliant when we got up. Now, nothing.  Clouds have moved in and turned everything grey.  A good portion of the snow got melted with the constant sunshine yesterday.  The kids were in and out a lot playing.  I had a good long talk with both my parents as well.  Dad is still able to go out and get his morning coffee (he lives in Montreal and most everyone is doing the self quarantine but places are still open).  For which I am grateful.  Dad needs people other than me to talk to.  Yes he is up there in years and yes possibly susceptible to the virus.  But he is careful and it helps him mentally.

I got puppy treats made yesterday and I got my April Fool’s article written.  I am very proud of that one.  I stepped it up from last year’s shark article.  *pat pat pat* (that was me patting myself on the back)  I also got a cool photo of two robins on the smoker cover out back.  After I saw those two the robins seemed to be all over the place!  It made a bunch of us feel better because here when the robins show up Spring is right around the corner.  And we can use Spring!

I signed up to read books for authors and then review them online.  I got my first book via email just now.  It will be nice to interact with the author.  Maybe she can help me light the fire under my butt to get working on my own novel instead of all piecemeal.  Oh my!  I just glimpsed movement out the corner of my eye.  I turned to look and there are a bunch of robins and blue jays in the backyard doing their thing.  And a blue jay is hanging out singing in the tree just outside the front window.  Speaking of animals being out it sounds like Barbosa (my turtle) is out and about.  I had Calypso out for a few hours yesterday.  She was sooooo happy!  She is my ball python.  Dad was a little distracted at times because he is not a fan of snakes (truthfully I am only seriously comfortable around Calypso because I raised her from a baby) but he handled it well.  Once she got over being mad at me (I used to handle her a lot more her first few years, lately she has been left to her own devices more often than not) she was busy enjoying the sunshine and me.  She wrapped herself in my ponytail (which isn’t that long since I got my hair cut) and fell asleep… until she slid with my ponytail holder down the back of my head.  lol She had a good afternoon.  I’m glad I got her out.

I am rambling on again.  I’d better get it together and post this.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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