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What a Bit of Sun Can Do

What a day yesterday turned out to be.  It stayed dark and cold all day with the wind blowing the trees so they bent sideways.  And we got about 4 inches (10cm) of snow.  By the time I left work my car had about an inch (2.5cm)of ice that I had to scrap through.  Of all that happened yesterday the best was spending time with Chris and the kids and my awesome husband went out and found me a six pack of my beloved Oberon (a seasonal wheat ale from a local brewery that was due to be released Monday with parties and fanfare but with the virus the told distributors to put the Oberon out as soon as they got it instead of waiting) and a copy of the first book in the graphic novel series Locke & Key that I have been searching for for years (honestly… I have looked at the graphic novel section n every books store that I have been to since I found out about the series and haven’t found any of them).

This morning the sun is blazing out and the is all but gone.  Hopefully that means the snow is melting and going away.  Hell of a bit of weather for Spring.  We were hoping to move the bikes atleast to the bike pad for more shelter but with this snow that has been negated.  All three pups are asleep.  Stella seems to have wrapped herself in blankets and is asleep on her back.  That seems to be her favorite position when she sleeps.

I do feel better about things today.  Let’s hope this good feeling continues and gives me the momentum I need to follow through with today’s projects.  And let’s hope the kids will give me enough time and space to do said projects.  Ha ha ha.

Just out of curiosity how many of my readers are on quarantine?  What do you do to keep yourself occupied?  If you have others with you do you need to keep them busy as well?  (Like kids and dogs.)

I should get myself going while the ambition is there.  Although Moose is giving me the eye whenever I stop typing.  Sigh.  Oh well.  I hope this finds you and yours safe and well.  Thanks for reading!

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