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Working In the Dark

This will be a short one.  I have the headache from hell and since Chris stayed home from work we spent tour afternoon and evening together so I did nothing I was supposed to including pull my stuff together for work the next day.  Soooo… I get to run around this morning.  I gotta say the traffic this morning sounds like business as usual.  Not a bunch of people who have to stay home.  I have heard a steady stream of traffic for the past few hours (I didn’t sleep well last night).

Our rain turned to a rain/snow mix and now snow.  Everything looks to have a light layer of white.  Bah!  At work I HAVE to get those reviews done and sent in.  HAVE to!  (Yes it emphasis is more for my benefit than yours.  I get sucked into the virus mess on my phone and all is lost.)  I need a tee shirt that says “Hocus Pocus I Can’t Focus!” for days like this.  It will be difficult with this headache going on.

My babies are happily snoozing.  As they should considering how much playtime and running around we did yesterday.  I am glad when that happens.  I tend to just want to do nothing somedays and I need to stay active.  I don’t want to become a lump on the couch (another benefit of having dogs).

Ok, I need to get gone on here.  Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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