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Writing and reading

What a mess things are!  I went to the grocery store yesterday and I am very grateful that I live in a small town!  We legitimately ran out of toilet paper and I heard nothing but where not to go.  I went to our local grocery and LO!  There was a full aisle of the stuff!  There was a sign saying only one per customer and all the paper towels and napkins were gone but we got toilet paper!  Hey, it’s the little things right now that make you smile.

I did get some writing done.  Everything but my novel it seems.  I worked on the two book reviews and my April Fool’s article for the paper.  Annoyingly I spent more time than I intended on my laptop because I had a second update happen.  I just did one the morning before!  So I had to dink around with that and then I always run my cleaner and virus protector on the laptop to be safe.  More time.  But everything seems to be ok.  Hopefully that means no more updates for a while.

This morning has dawned cold.  There is a heavy frost on everything this morning.  Winter is not going without a fight apparently.  Atleast the sun is out and no clouds.  I did get a cool photo of the moon this morning.  I will try to use it for the main picture on this post.  I am grateful it turned out just as it looked.  So many times I will take photos and what I see with my eyes is not what the camera sees.

I suppose I ought to get myself together and work on something while everyone is asleep.  If they will stay asleep.  Moose is usually the first one to get in my face once he sees that the laptop is being shut down.  Then Stella and Essie.  Bless them.  But enough chit chat from me.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

*side note… I’ve been deleting photos so I can upload more but no matter how many I delete (and I notice that they have duplicated many of my photos and I have deleted the duplicates) it still says that I have no room to upload more photos.  Sorry.

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