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It is dark outside and in.  But there is a bit of soft light coming through.  The temperature has dropped drastically.  We are back below freeing at night and barely above it during the day.  I don’t know what the day will bring.  I made a nest for Moose on the couch and Stella is covered up sleeping in a ball on the love seat behind me.  Essie is across the room in the man cave asleep amongst the blankets.

I am looking at the flyer for the writer’s conference I was going to try to go to in April.  I don’t think that this is going to happen.  I think that it will be cancelled.  Schools statewide will be closed as of Monday.  The word is for atleast three weeks.  That will include the date for the conference which was supposed to be held on campus.  I am bummed but glad I did not pay ahead.

It might be easier to get back to writing since everyone is being mean, some hateful, on social media over all this.  Most people seem to fall in one of two camps (if they bother to comment about any of current affairs).  There are those who think it is a complete scam that the government made up to try to cover up something else (and don’t bother pointing out that the rest of the world is affected by this disease) or there are those that every time a new person gets diagnosed cheers because maybe they will die and that will fix some world problem (this includes the “Boomer” generation since none of them supposedly care about the environment since they are the ones that made the mess to begin with as well as various political figures and countries).  The rest of us are trying to make light and get through it the best we can.  But the hate that is online!  It is sad.

So maybe getting lost in a story is not a bad thing.  I haven’t been very good about my writing projects of late.  So much seems to be going on this week.  I spent more time on the phone trying to find out what needs to be done to get the garage to pass inspection.  The gal I’m dealing with is very very nice and has gone above and beyond to help us with everything.  I am so grateful!  We seem to end up talking dogs and animals every conversation though.  It’s not a bad thing but I can go on ad nauseum about the kids if I am left to my own devices.  I have had to curb myself a few times.  lol.  She hasn’t seemed to mind.

I suppose I should get to writing.  Hopefully the kids will stay sleeping so I can get atleast a review done.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you are well and have a great day!

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