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Pushing Through to Find the Stories

This is later than intended.  Ah well.  It is overcast this morning.  We are supposed to get more rain.  Hopefully that will make a good dent in getting rid of the snow.  I am also hoping that I can do some writing today.  I got a little bit done but I ended up focusing on the garage again.  I will probably get another call from the inspector’s office at one point about the photos I sent yesterday.  I am hoping to get the ok and not have to do anything except reinforce what is already there.  PLEASE?!

I did some actual work on the novel yesterday.  I am having trouble getting into it.  I have my miscellaneous characters and my main character, their respective backgrounds and a general storyline.  But then I stall out.  I have been writing various scenes with the characters interacting so we get to know the characters (I need to get ahold of a surfer to answer some questions I have before I can go further in one scene).  But I have yet to find a good way to string them together.  Maybe I don’t.  Maybe each is a chapter on how they met?  I don’t know.  That doesn’t feel right.  And so the struggle goes on.

I also need to finish two of my reviews.  I have been putting them off because the deadline was moved due to Mother Nature but I really need to get them done so when they are needed I can just send them.  I keep dragging my feet because I don’t want to mess them up.  Nevermind that I have written quite a few book reviews and had them published.  For some reason I don’t trust myself and my ability.

I supposed I had better wrap this up and get to it.  Even if it is a first draft only.  It will be something.  That is the nice thing about doing the book reviews, I can work from home and not deal with people.  Hmmm, the wind is picking up too.  That is a good sign.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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