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Setting Goals on Paper

Well I didn’t get any work done on the novel.  I’m not happy with myself over that.  However I did sit down last night and put together my long term and short term goals.  Not just for writing but things I want to do and goals I want to achieve.  I made it a point to sit back and make sure that everything was achievable…  as long as I make the effort.  This has been the big stumbling block.  I am fine for a while but then I hit a streak of not doing anything (this might be caused by laziness or in bad times anxiety).  I am hoping that actually writing everything out will help.

I had a meeting last night and sent the article in this morning before I started this.  I am hoping to get some writing done before everyone gets moving around.  The dogs are already giving me the eye.  I have a feeling that I will have to love on them a bit before I can do much more.  Every time I stop to think I get the anxious “does that means you are done?” look.  I also am planning to talk with Dad this afternoon so that will take up most of the afternoon and evening.

I also need to go through my photos on here and start deleting some of the older ones.  I have run out of room which is why you haven’t seen any pics of the kids or sky lately.  I tried to thin them out a few weeks ago but I seem to have used up what little space I freed.  So back to it I guess. I still don’t know if I should set up a separate blog for just my photos.  I don’t know if it would be woth my while.  I’m sure I would fill up the photos quicker than anything and I don’t have extra cash to use on something that is not making me money so buying more space isn’t really an option.  I will ponder.

I suppose I should step away so I can love on the kids and try to get back to working on another writing project.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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