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Stop, Drop and Roll On Out the Door

Time is extra tight this morning so I whole heartedly apologize for not being able to read anyone’s blog posts this morning.  I will try later today to get online and read some.  I had a meeting last night and had to write the article this morning.  Things took longer than I anticipated.  That being said I have enough time to jot a few lines here and then get myself ready for work.

This afternoon will be jam packed as well.  Today is Mom’s birthday so after work I m coming home to feed the kids and then we are heading to Traverse and Firefly for brunch.  Mom and I are both excited.  I’m also bringing her an aloe plant from one of my two monster plants as Chris calls them.

Yesterday I did get books updated on Goodreads and wrote two brief reviews.  Not my best work but I wanted to say someting about both books.  Today I will load up my bags and try to knock out atleast a rough draft of the book I just finished.  Fingers crossed!

And I see by the clock that I need to get myself going.  Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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