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Unplanned Adventures

We had quite the adventure yesterday.  As a result I slept right up until my alarm went off so I am running a bit behind.  After I finished this yesterday we waited until around 10:30am and I loaded Stella and Moose into the car.  Essie wanted to stay home.  So I go to start the car and to won’t start.  I am trying not to hit panic mode.  I sneak back in to the house, grab the spare keys for the truck and jumper cables.  I pull Chris’s truck to the Jeep and jump it.  (Fortunately I had backed into the driveway so I was able to go nose to nose with the batteries.)  Once I’d put the truck back and the kids and I were on our way.  Once we hit Kalkaska I went to Advanced Auto and they ran a free diagnostic on the battery.  Battery was fine but wasn’t charging.  I had worried about this happening because I don’t drive but maybe five minutes to get to work.  The car doesn’t have enough time to recharge the battery.  Thankful that it was an easy fix I finally replaced all three wiper blades on the car.  Which they kindly installed for me.

Since he kids were being soooo good with all this extra running I stopped at McDonald’s and got cheeseburgers for everyone.  And a Happy Meal for me.  Once we got our order we headed to the bank and made the car payment then home.  After we got home I was in doing mode so I made brownies, french toast for Chris, did dishes and switched them out, did a load of laundry (and put away), took out trash, cleaned the mouse cage and talked to Dad for a few hours.  So I slept hard.  Or would have if Stella didn’t bark at seemingly everything until almost midnight.  And with that dear friends I need to scoot.  I have to warm up the car and get ready.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

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