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Random Goings On

Truthfully I am not feeling it this morning.  Do you ever have those days you do too much or you accomplish a lot more than normal and the next day just feel wiped out?  That’s where I’m at today.  I am at the wiped out stage.  I slept as late as I dared but after I finish this I think I will curl up with a book somewhere.

I got a first draft of a review done, more notes on the current book written down, read more on the current review book and talked to both my parents.  My day wrapped up around 9pm when I hung up with Dad.  So this morning I really don’t have much to say.  I’ve not made any plans for the weekend so I guess we’ll see what happens.

The weather was bad enough Chris stayed home from work yesterday.  I’m glad he did because it was really nasty while I was out and about yesterday.  Today is chilly but there are patches of blue sky poking through the clouds.  Every once in a while a stray snowflake drifts by.  It’s like someone brushed stray crumbs off a counter top.

I am concerned about the house because it won’t stay heated.  It’s like there is a constant draft going through the house.  As if someone left a door open somewhere and a cold draft just stays constant.  This started about a week ago.  Windows and doors are all shut etc.  I’m not sure what to do.  I am hoping the weather warms up soon because the furnace is running almost constantly.  I have even turned it down and with the temperature drop outside on goes the furnace.

I think it is time to curl up with a book.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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