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Finding the Creativity Time

We woke up to maybe an inch or so of snow.  Nothing exciting.  A lot of wind is blowing though.  Which is good because that helps get rid of the snow.  A win-win!  The plow trucks went by not long after we got up but I’m not sure why.  There doesn’t look to be enough to shovel.  A broom would be more effective.  But there it is.

I think today might be a relax day for me.  I have been busting tail (happily) all week.  I have done my writing every day, I had my meeting on Tuesday, and I have been doing my exercises consistently.  Sooooo I think I may take a day off.  (I probably won’t but it sounds good. lol)  I do need to do my word count for the paper.  That I will do before Chris gets up.  After I give the kids their love and play for a bit though.  They are going as stir crazy as I in this weather.  I find myself wandering around and not really focusing on anything.  Some days are harder than others.  I try to keep the kids as busy as I can (nuts… I just remembered I need to make puppy treats today as well have run out) because they are usually sleeping since I can’t leave the door open so we can all wander in and out.  No one wants to be out in the snow for very long and there is only so much ot do in the house.  We are all fighting boredom and cabin fever.

I have my table all set up for my writing this morning.  I pulled everything out last night after we watched a few episodes of I Am a Killer on Netflix.  I look at my piles of stuff and wonder where to start.  today is one of those days I want to do everything.  But I need to balance things out.  This time now is really my only time to write (unless I am at work).  The kids know that we have to be quiet because Chris is still sleeping so as long as I am doing something I am usually left to my own devices and they sleep.  Once Chris is up they want to play and get attention, go potty and Chris is usually in and out of the room when he games.  I could go in my office and shut the door but that’s not me.  The kids would scratch at the door to come in and there would be paws distracting me from beneath my door.  Besides they like to come in my room and stretch out on the floor.  On sunny days if there is not enough room in front of the sliding glass door for everyone then there are usually one or two pups stretched out in my office in the sun.

Anyway time is getting on and since I slept later than normal I need to get to it if I plan on doing any work on my novel.  As always thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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