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Post Mardi Gras

I slept so hard the alarm woke me up this morning.  That almost never happens!  But it has been a good and busy week for me so I am not surprised.  That and I was dreaming that I met Vincent Price and we were sharing some new beer.  Good times!

Yesterday’s meeting lasted almost 2 1/2 hours.  It was interesting but my tummy kept rumbling.  Fortunately no one noticed.  Once I got him I got half the article written and then spent a little time with Chris before he left for work. Once he left I got the article finished and sent out.  Which is good.  Now today I can focus on my reviews and my novel.  Hopefully it doesn’t take too long to warm the trailer up at work.

The kids are all curled up asleep.  Poor Essie work with an upset tummy.  She has been gurgling all morning and won’t eat.  Hopefully she will feel better by dinnertime.  If not I have tomorrow off so I will be with her.

I am looking forward to doing my thing at work.  I have all my goodies packed in my bags so I have everything I need.  I even have some books on writing to help inspire.  I may have some company though.  Glenn called and chatted yesterday.  We haven’t seen each other since before Christmas.  And we live in the same town!  Tells you how much I get out!  But he may stop by with some coffee so we can chat.

I need to get myself together.  Thanks for reading !  I hope you have a great day!

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