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Behind yet Not

This will be a shorter post.  I am running a little behind this morning.  I got more work done on the novel yesterday but not much else.  Chris and I spent some time together and Mom and I had a good long talk on the phone.  The weather was nice so we had the door open most of the day and the kids were in and out.

Unfortunately I slept very badly.  I got two hours then was wide awake until around 4am.  Then I slept off and on til 7am.  So today will be interesting.  The kids are all snoozing.  Looks like it will be another warm and sunny day.  If the trailer at work faced the sun I would consider leaving the door open.  I may anyway.  We’ll see.

I will try to get the frozen trash out of the one truck this afternoon.  It was warm enough that I should be able to clean it out and they can come and get it.  It will also be something for me to do.  I have a meeting tomorrow morning to take care of.  That will be good because I will write the article when I get home and get it sent it.  Normally I would wait until the following morning to turn it in but with the new printer they need the articles as soon as we can.  So I will have to tuck Chris into his office to game so I can get the article written.  I will need to get going on atleast one of my reviews this morning.  I need a first draft at the very least.

Ok, I need to get moving.  Thanks so much for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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