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Building the Map

Here we are another day.  It looks to be full of warmer weather and sun again.  I couldn’t sleep last night so I laid there and did the thinking thing.  Mostly about me and my novel.  Which I suppose is a good thing.  Problem was I could not turn on a light and jot things down.  I used to have a very cool pen that had a little light that glowed around the tip of the pen so I could see what I was writing but not wake anyone up.  I wonder if I even still have it…. Anyway, I laid there repeating things to myself to try to remember for morning.  Some of it worked but other threads have been lost.  I’m sure if I let myself just sit and think a lot of it will come back.

My character will be in her 50s I think.  She has had a major life trauma and lost everything.  I want to gradually piece that together for the reader.  She is far from where she used to call home struggling to start again.  I am in the process of pulling together her new friends.  I have 5 right now but they have little or no background.  I think that might be today’s goal.  To get her friends fleshed out.  I have other things done like her apartment and such.  I know what she drives and why.  Small things that may play a bigger part in the future.

I have a very loose plot. It resembles a child’s pirate treasure map. Here is where you start, the red dashers are the trail and the treasure is at the end. You must use your imagination to find the trail and see what monsters you will overcome to get to the treasure. And of course whatever the treasure might be. I have ideas about how she will follow the trail at times but I’m sure she will have ideas of her own and things will just happen.

I should put this aside and start putting pen to paper. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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