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Project: Writing

I do feel better this morning although not 100%.  So today will need to be a writing day.  I will have the novel and essay in tow with me today as well as the review book.  Now that I have decided a bit on my book premise I can start to move forward more.  It is going to be hard to write parts of it because it will really hit home.  I think I will use that…I know I will use that as an excuse to not work on it.  Even if I don’t do it all at once.  Hopefully it turns out good enough that it touches others deeply as well.

I need to get moving with the essay if I am going to send it in to the contest.  Same with the short story prompt.  I have been dragging my feet with both of them.  Time to buckle down.  It is supposed to be warmed today so hopefully it doesn’t take long to heat up the trailer.  Or my pens.  If i can get my self together enough I can let things rest over the weekend and then edit on Monday.  Except the novel.  That needs to just keep moving forward.  Maybe I can put together a plan of action for myself today as well.  Figure out when and how long to work on each instead of winging it.

I am also hoping that the warmer weather will help all of us feel better.  Lack of sun has taken a toll on all of us.  Being cooped up isn’t helping either.  I hope to get the kids out playing a lot this weekend as it is supposed to be in the 40s (around 4C) for us.

Looking at the clock tells me I need to get moving. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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