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Reaching Goals and Helping Hands

First off I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting me!  I rolled over to 600 followers yesterday!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

Yesterday was our anniversary but we were only able to spend maybe 30 minutes together after I got home from work before he left for work.  We are grateful for that because we could’ve not seen each other at all.  The awesome man even had beans and rice (with liberal amounts of shredded cheese on top) all ready when I got home!  So we happily ate and watched some tv.

I did something I don’t normally do.  I did an auction online for a friend of mine.  It is kind of fun how things worked out.  She and her husband do crystals and stones.  They travel to different places to get them.  Sometimes even digging them up themselves.  She is doing the auction because her beloved cat is getting his leg amputated today.  It has been a long battle and they are on their second vet (I need to ask her details because I don’t want to got to the first vet ever).  We I kind of fell in love with this one quartz crystal they dug up themselves and wrapped in copper.  Not sure why I love it but suddenly I really had to have it.  So I threw out a bid (and the bidding started at $10 so very reasonable for a bautiful piece like this) and in the end I won for $13. The kids and I were in bed around 9:30pm (I stayed up long enough to make sure no one snuck a last minute bid in). This morning she had messaged me to ask me if I wanted it mailed (she stated a $4 charge for shipping) or if we wanted to meet somewhere. I stared at the message and the penny dropped. I forget that some of the Facebook friends I have and have not met really are local. She is one of them. She lives 10 minutes away! (Which is why I want to find out about the vets she went to.) So we are going to try to meet tomorrow when I get out of work. I am so excited! I get a beautiful wrapped quartz from Arkansas for a very reasonable price and I get to help a fur baby! Yay!

I guess I used up my time for this according to my Moose clock (I am getting the eye) so I should wrap this up (pardon the pun). Thanks so much for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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