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Ideas While You Sleep

The kids let me sleep in late this morning. We stayed up late doing laundry (I still have two loads to go through the dryer).  Weird dreams but I think I may be able to use one in a story, if I follow through.  The kids sort of ate this morning.  I am worried we may need to go to the vet.  Neither Moose nor Essie finished their breakfast.  Stella is part goat so she ate hers and finished her sister’s.  Moose is also acting strange.  He had to be by me the first 30 minutes or so once I sat down here but he was constantly shifting.  He couldn’t get comfortable.  Or if he did it wasn’t for very long.  I asked him if he needed to go back out or if he was going so be sick and he just laid down with his head on me.  I have Essie all tucked in on the big dog bed under blankets.

Sadly not much writing has been getting done (other than the articles).  I hope to be able to rectify that today.  At least a little.  But since we got up late we’ll see.  I still need to go get propane for work.  I could blow that off until tomorrow but I need to do it today.  I said I would take the kids for a ride.  Maybe that will help Moose.  Maybe he is suffering from Cabin Fever like the rest of us.

I have to say I am quite enamored of my story idea.  It would set zombie lore on it’s head!  I am not a fan of the whole zombie thing because it has been so over done.  Same with apocalypse stories. So I have no idea why I was dreaming about zombies. Unless it is because I worry about having to return to that because of having to find another job. It makes sense. So maybe I will plumb that line of thought and do a short story from it.

I guess I should get myself motivated and start my day. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!❤️

I’m not one for selfies but here is the new haircut. It used to be to the middle of my shoulders.

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