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The Dogs’ Turn

I am going on no sleep. I got my hair cut (I will have to share a pic later) and over the course of the afternoon Essie started to drool uncontrollably from the right side of her mouth. I checked to make sure nothing was caught anywhere. Nothing. She hadn’t been anywhere to get into anything. So immediately I worry about a stroke. When I messaged Chris he had the same worry. I gave her an aspirin and kept any eye on her. If she had exhibited any other signs we were headed to ER. I played with her off and on to check her. Something was off but no idea what. She is right as rain this morning. So.

Everyone someone got out of bed I woke up to make sure all was well. That happened every hour. Around 1:30am Stella started barking at something. And kept going. I finally got her quiet and Chris got home. He came to bed around 4 am. Moose got up to be sick around 5am. We got back to bed around 5:15am. My alarm was set for 6am. Once we got up and the kids were fed Stella (pretty sure she ate too fast) got sick.

The upside to all this is everyone is asleep and I was able to get my last article written and turned in before I did this (oh yeah, the laptop crashed while I was trying to send the article yesterday so I had to get that going again and then reconstruct the article (it sent part of the first two paragraphs only)). I will probably go get a propane refill after work so I can stay home tomorrow. But we’ll see. I may just be too tired. Lol

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day! Gotta get going for work.

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