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A Multitude of Thoughts

Another late morning.  I guess I need the sleep.  I am still trying to plug along with the work in progress.  I even managed a poem while I was watching the last of season 1 of The Terror (I really enjoyed the book it is based on and the series did not disappoint).  I scribbled it on the back of an envelope in various colored ink.  I need to write it into the spiral notebook that I am using for the WIP.  I guess I really should come up with a name, even if it is temporary.  It would be a lot easier than typing “work in progress” all the time.  Another thing I can do today.

I have so much swirling around in my head this morning.  I find myself thinking about something and next thing I realize is that a chunk of time has passed.  Maybe this morning should be a time of thinking.  I stare out the sliding glass doors out into the snowy backyard.  Last night when I did that I saw a group of about 5 deer hanging out in the far back of our property. They had to be huge considering the distance they were from me and how well I saw them. I watched them and after a while I watched them watching me. They stayed about half an hour or so before wandering off. The dogs never noticed. 😂

Tonight I have a meeting to cover for the paper. It will get me out of the house. I am getting a bit stir crazy of late. The dark, snow and cold can go away. I need my warmth and sun and gardens to work in. I supposed I should wrap this up. My doggy time it telling me that I have been at this long enough. Ahhhh puppy kisses! Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

The last photo is how far away the deer actually were.

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