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Searching For the Sun

It’s not doing anything out.  It’s just dark and grey and blah.  Oh I know beneath the snow the ground is thawing and the plants and roots are doing their thing and moving toward the top so we can enjoy them as well (although as cold as it is this morning it may have caused a pause in the upward movement).  The wind is blowing so that helps get rid of the snow we still have.

I know that I am not the only one this time of year to start getting the need for sun and warmth.  Many of us started this rant long ago but kept it to ourselves.  Now is the time of year we get more vocal.  This is also the time of year that some of us begin to frequent tanning beds.  I haven’t for a few years but I am honestly thinking I might need to start again.  I am warm and happy and I get my vitamin D.  And I get some color instead of blending in with the snow drifts.

On the happy side of the day I think I have finally gotten rid of whatever Chris shared with me.  My nose is smelling back to normal (neither running nor plugged… which tells me the mouse cage will need to be cleaned today).  I don’t feel off either.  Atleast no more than normal.

I seem to have hit a wall with writing though.  I just stare at the paper with almost nothing to put on it. A word here and there does not a story make. Especially if you cannot somehow connect them. So I’m not sure what to do. Truthfully for me this is another reason to try tanning again. I need something completely out of my ordinary to try to shake things loose.

I would love to try all this today but I don’t see it happening. I promised the dogs I would take them with to go make my car payment. And since Moose is feeling poorly (his tummy was gurgling this morning and he wouldn’t eat breakfast) I want to cheer him with a ride in the car. Speaking of which I should probably get ready and go if we are going. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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