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Something New

Yesterday was spent reading Agatha Christie’s They Do It With Mirrors.  I still have a little to go but I will probably finish it today.  I do have a little to take care of at the lot today but not much.  Hopefully no one has tried to get in like last weekend.  But since it was the SuperBowl yesterday who knows.

I am hoping to sit down and pull up some more characters for the work in progress.  I have a few names and how the main character knows them but I want to do a little more in depth.  See if I can pull a story from somewhere.  This will be the first time I have done charaters before the story.  Ususally it is the story that comes first.  So this is a learning experience for me.

The sun is pulling actual colors into the sky this morning.  That is a welcome change.  And I see by the clock that I am running behind.  So I guess this is a short short post.  Thanks for reading!  I hope you have a great day!

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