Keeping It Moving

This morning I am precariously balanced on top of an old wooden fishing tackle box to type this.  Facing the sliding glass window.  Why? you may ask.  Well, when Chris put laundry into the dryer yesterday while I was at work he didn’t think about the possibility of it beeping and of Moose.  So when he went to sit at the living room table with his food the dryer beeped and Moose freaked out and did his best to shove himself under the table where Chris was trying to sit.  So everything went flying.  The table is broken but fixable.  Chris was kind enough to make sure that all my books were cleaned off and stacked in my office.  The table is now propped in front of the front door so I can look for some glue and screws to fix it.  No one is mad at Moose.  Poor guy.  Nothing was boken but the table.

I barely made it through work yesterday.  But I did.  I wasn’t even able to read due to the pain but there it is.  I am grateful it is gone today.  I am still sick though.  Before I can hunker down I still need to clean the kitchen, swap dishes out in the dishwasher and make puppy treats.  Chris offered to do the kitchen for me but since I am making treats I am going to have to do all that anyway.

I did pull out my copy of I Surf, Therefore I Am by Peter Kreeft and read some more last night. I may try to read in between batches of treats. It is very good and is giving me more insight into my character. I take notes on her as I go through the pages. I want to do my review book too today. I am just getting into the story. It is odd but compelling. It should be a decent read all in all.

Instead on listing all I need to do I had better get to it. Thank you for the well wishes! And as always thanks for reading and I hope you have a great day!

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