It was too good to last.  I finally have Chris’s cold.  I am feeling miserable.  And Mother Nature has chimed in as well so I have been hit hard by cramps.  I only have one person coming to the lot today.  That will be a big blessing.  Moose doesn’t feel good either.  His tummy has been gurgling all morning.  I did get him to eat breakfast.  Please just get me through this day!

I hurt.  A lot.  So this will be a short one.  I spent last night curled up in a ball on my side.  I found a gardening event in May that Mom and I are going to try to go to and do a Girls’ Day.  I hope we can!  I miss working out in the gardens.  Sorry, I can’t focus except on the pain.  I suppose that is my cue to wrap this up.  Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope you have a great day!

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