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Writing Forward

I don’t know if taking a day off from writing was a good idea or not. I ended up with only two hours of sleep Sunday night so I was more tired than anything else. Then finding that someone had been messing around on the lot over the weekend did not help.

I truthfully got no writing done other than a bit of journaling. I had the focus of a small gnat. I did read a little but of my surf poetry book that I got. Not too bad.

I have a meeting this morning and two sick pups. Neither Essie nor Moose would eat breakfast. Essie is lethargic and Moose is pack. He keeps watching me. He sits up, he lays down, he paces, he sits, he lays down. He seems to have settled on the couch next to Stella. He went outside but Essie did not. I have no idea what is wrong.

I have no idea what kind of writing I will get done today. I do know that I will get some done. My character in progress is difficult because I am consciously trying to make her different than myself. Part of my problem has been I haven’t been seeing things through any characters eyes but my own. I am hoping that by making a conscious effort to create a character different from myself and getting to know her I will knock a bigger hole in the creativity wall and be able to write again.

I have run out of time if I am to get tot the meeting on time. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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