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The Blahs

It is a dark morning.  Outside is a slate grey sky.  Looks like snow might be falling.  I’m just not feeling it today.  What I am feeling is hot/cold/hot/cold to an annoying degree (pardon the pun).  A lot of the snow we got melted but there is still enough here to be irritating.

The kids are all sleeping while keeping an eye on me to see when I stop on here so they can swarm to get lovins like little piranha, lol.  I did get my research books yesterday and they were all that I had hoped.  I even read to the kids in bed last night.  I did a bit more on my review books and on my project.  I even made a roast for dinner.  It turned out pretty good all in all.  I tried something different with it and it worked but didn’t.  It’s hard to explain.

Essie is standing over my left shoulder giving me the eye when I’m not looking.  When I am looking she is staring out the window.

I just lost a whole paragraph because the web site did not save when it said it had. That makes me very angry. So I will wrap this up on my phone. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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