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Writing and More Writing (Woohoo!)

My poor boy is sick.  Breakfast came back up in three rounds poor guy.  He is currently beside me on the floor trying to sleep.  He seems very restless.  it took him forever and a lot of scratching to finally get him to settle where he is.  And if I stop petting he wakes up and looks pathetic.  Guess I am typing one handed.

I am having one of my favorite flavored coffees this morning.  I treated myself to a box of 12 Kcups yesterday.  (Oh geez.  He tried to get behind my on to the loveseat but Stella would not move over.  He is trying to sleep on the couch.)   My two highly anticipated research books arrive today in the mail.  I am sooooo excited!  The books are a major part of who my character is and I am going great guns on her.  A story is slowly developing.  Honestly I’m not sure what genre I will be writing in.  This may be a straight fiction piece. (Gods that coffee tastes wonderful!)  I am going to wait and see.  With some of the subject matter I am using it feels like a straight fiction piece.  But something could develop along the way to change that.  I am really excited about this project.  Everyone is bugging me to find out more but I can’t give too much or I will lose it all. I don’t plan to lose this piece.

I am very grateful to have no plans for today. I am going to alternate between reviewing and the Project. (I like that with the capital p.) I have been researching stuff about my main character. I have where she lives, what she drives (and why), what she does (and why). It is very satisfying to watch her come together into a fully formed character. The two books I am getting today are a big chunk of her background and who she is.

Before I start waxing prosaic I’d better sign off and put some of those words to use elsewhere while they are flowing. Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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