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Dryer Debacles

I officially HATE our dryer.  We have been going along fine until the past two days.  Over the past two days I have had to comfort a freaked out Moose because of the random dinging noise it makes.  Four hours it took before he started to calm down and part of that was because I gave him some anxiety medicine.

There is no reason it should be making any noises.  There is also no way to reset anything to make it stop.  Turning it on and off doesn’t help.  Nor does unplugging it.  And it will sometimes start as soon as the dryer does.  Other times it might get half way thru the dry or maybe 15 minutes thru.  Or maybe nothing at all.  It hasn’t made the noises for a few months now it can’t seem to stop.

Because Moose gets so bad I am going to make sure everything is washed here and then I will take things to the laundry mat at the end of the road and dry the stuff there.  He can’t be stressed that hard for that long.  That is NOT healthy for him.  And Essie is beginning to react becasue Moose is affected so badly.

So there we are.  I did get a few reviews worked on yesterday but not much with everytything that got done.  Aaaaannnnd I gotta get to work!  Yikes!  Thanks for reading!  Cheers!

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