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The Best Laid Plans…

This is late.  Have you ever woken up in the morning and your mind has gotten enough sleep and is ready to go but your body is exhausted and just can’t seem to wake up?  That was me this morning.  I don’t feel much better now.  I still need to take my propane tank in to get it filled yet.

The day has dawned snowy.  It looks like someone has taken their salt shaker and is shaking it for all it’s worth out there.  It’s the very fine snow but there is a lot of it.  The birds are still digging to find all the seed I put out there a few days ago.  You can hear the occasional blue bird squawk as they land an rummage through the snow.

Moose keeps watching me.  Everytime I stop he gets down off the couch and comes and sits by me.  I give him some love then tell him I’m not done yet.  So he gives me the look and goes back to the couch to lay down and watch me some more.  Poor guy had big trauma last night.  Since Chris is feeling better I washed the bedding.  I put the first load in the dryer and it started to do the random beeping.  Hasn’t beeped for months.  No reason for it.  Filter has been cleaned etc.  It continues to randomly beep for the next 30 minutes.  Which means I am on the floor with a shaking and panting Moose.  I have no idea why he is so scared of that noise but he is.  And I had three loads of laundry to put through… some more than once.  But my brave boy, each time I went into the utility room he was right there with me to make sure I would be ok with that nasty dryer.

Yesterday at work did not go as planned either. Instead of two cars going out I ended up with six going out. Not much down time. And what down time I did have I was busy warming back up before the next transporter arrived. Sooooo I think once the kids and I get back from filling the propane tank I will just hunker in and do my thing. I have review books, reviews and my project to work on. I was bad Monday and got two research books for my new project. They will get here Saturday. I am honestly excited because this is something I have always longed to get involved in… surfing. My main character is a surfer. I’m not fining to give away more than that. She is a special surfer though. Hence more research.

Oh fudge. I just remembered I need to clean the mouse cage too. That was on my to do list for yesterday but things did not go as planned. Nuts. I hate doing the mouse cage. Well I guess I’d better end this and get to it. I’ll do that then go get the propane. Sigh. I’d rather just stay home. Oh well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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