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Figuring Out What to Do Next

Well yesterday was a bust for actual writing.  I did take some notes on a review books and sat and thought about the characters in the new project.  Part of it was I let myself get distracted by the kids (we holed up in my office for a good portion of the morning and they were soooooo cute… I have too many photos to prove it!).  The other part was Chris is getting over being sick and I was trying to keep him taken care of.

I had a last minute (for me) meeting last night.  I wrote the article this morning (before I did this as a mater of fact).  I have two vehicles going out today.  Hopefully the lot got plowed yesterday like it was supposed to.  Otherwise neither vehicle is going anywhere.  I need to either focus on another review book or write the review for the one I just finished and get it submitted.  Preferably both.  But I will probably spend time mind doodling on my current project.  Not that it is a bad thing but that isn’t paying bills right now.

I suppose I ought to get myself together for work.  Sorry this is so short.  I hope you have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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