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Eureka! A Story Idea

The sun has come up to a cloudy sky but it has turned the clouds a sherbet orange.  I got going gang busters on a new story for me.  I don’t want to give any little nuggets away.  I am still going through the steps.  But I have a few pages written on characters and such.  I worked on it most of my time at work and a good portion of my time at home.  Poor Chris stayed home sick and stayed in the living room to watch his series and whenever he’d say something to me he’d usually have to say it twice because he thought I was watching the tv but I was off doing my own thing in my head.

It was hard to go and put the new work down and go to read one of my review books.  I am so afraid that I will lose my momentum and my characters.  But I did and I blew through one of my review books before bed.  So one of today’s writing goals is to get the first draft of the review written.  I will sit down with my list of books and figure out what to write for whom.  Some of the book reviews I am going to be posting on here, Goodreads and Amazon because they don’t really have a home outside of that.  Some of my horror book reviews will probably take that same route if my other two editors chose not to use them on their web sites.

My ink for the printer should arrive today. That means I can print my emails that I need. I have sent myself various emails with research info. I will print everything out and plonk them into their respective folders.

I had a whole other paragraph written but WordPress on the laptop went down and I had to go to my phone. Unfortunately it said it had saved everything but it did not. Trying to reconstruct what I had has messed up my writing rhythm so I am at a loss. So I guess I had better get off of here and get going on my other writing while the house is quiet. Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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