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Writing Motivations

For a Monday morning things are going pretty smoothly. I got my work tablet working again (I was pretty sure it was fried but I tried one more trick I had and it fixed it). The kids all got up with no issues. The only problem I’ve really had was with WordPress. Both my laptop and phone are having issues with the site. I tried to read as many of your blogs as I could before the site would lock up on me.

As of right now there is nothing going out at work so I hope I can read and write once I get the office warmed up. I really need to buckle down on my writing. I have pulled a few books to take with so I can try to get out of my rut. I also have my review notebook with me so I can atleast do a few rough drafts. I seem to have lost my motivation. My writer’s ego needs to know that my work is atleast acceptable. I turn things in and hope for the best. (This is in regards to my book reviews. My newspaper editor is awesome at feeding my writer’s ego. 😁) To be fair the editors have all got their hands full of other writers and their own writing projects that they are working on. I just need to be comfortable in my own writing.

Speaking of which I need to post the two reviews that did not get published in SageWoman both on here and on Goodreads. That will have to wait until I get back home this afternoon. I will need to do some cut and paste from my email. Or (Goddess forbid) I will actually have to retype the things back into the computer from my printed file. I guess we’ll see.

I need to get moving so I can dig out my car. Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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