Storm Prep

I am seriously hoping that I can get this completed and posted before we lose power.  In the past eight hours we’ve probably gotten another foot of snow.  The sky is so dark it still looks like night outside (we should atleast have some hints of color in the sky, not pitch dark).  The heavy winds are coming in from the East with all the snow which usualu bodes ill for us.  Weather from the East tends to be overwhelming and heavy.  So I am preparing for the worst.  Thanksfully the furnance hasn’t blown out.

What woke us this morning was something thudding on the sliding glass door.  Something bounced off it like it was thrown.  Essie and I heard it.  She growled and I got up to see what it was.  I didn’t find anything but at that point Moose had gotten up and wasn’t going to fight his way through his sisters to claim his spot beside me (Essie had usurped part of his spot when Chris came to bed this morning and he was sleeping wedged uncomfortably for the last few hours).

If we do lose power I think we’ll be ok. We have extra water and the stove is gas so we can still cook and we can heat up the big brew pot with water to heat the house. Or actually we can melt snow like we did last time. We have blankets aplenty and food. This is supposed to last through the weekend. I’m glad to have the job at the lot since I can be back home before Chris leaves for work. That way the kids won’t be home alone.

I think I hear a siren… if we still have power when Chris gets up I am going to shower, just incase. I will recommend he do the same. I did FaceTime with Dad yesterday instead of this weekend as we had planned because of this. I’m glad we did. Mom is supposed to go and possibly adopt a Beagle pup I found her at a rescue. I hope she will be ok if she still ventures out. I am going to text her when this is done to make sure she lets me know what is going on. I should probably plug in all my chargeables to make sure they are topped up as well.

Whelp I better get rolling here. I hope you are warm and safe wherever you are! Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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