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Hope as a Writer

The day has dawned dark and grey but I am hopeful.  Not that the day will get brighter but that the day will be good.  It’s interesting how one can come to depend on strangers for comfort and support.  I think that is because they don’t have to care and when they do it makes you feel worth something.  Family and friends are supposed to care and there are times you wonder if they are doing it because they are required to (in regards to various situations, not as a whole). I have been blessed to find many strangers who have become my friends by writing this blog.

My most recent case in point (in regards to my writing and riding) is the motojournalist Jerry Smith.  For Christmas I got a copy of the book Missed Shifts by Jerry Smith.  It is a collection of articles, essays and blog entries he has made over his 30 plus years of being a motojournalist.  I found it on Amazon and put it on my wish list and Chris got it for me.  I am almost finished with it sadly.  I love the small bits that I can read one or more of at a sitting.  They all deal with motorcycles, riding them and writing about them. His stories have made a big impact on me. I compared his writing style to that of Hunter S. Thompson because it can be that irreverent and blunt. It is really a joy to read. The man equally loves writing and riding and was lucky enough to be able to combine both his passions and make a decent living from it. Oh and he loves dogs (he has a dog named Daisy through a lot of the later stories and mentions other dogs he has had over the years). He has ridden with some of the racing legends and interviewed (or just chatted with) others. He has some amazing stories. He’s also gotten into a few scrapes on a motorcycle. He tells you about some of those too. Well I decided that I needed to write a thank you letter to Jerry Smith for such a fine book to read and imparting various nuggets of wisdom that I found along the way. I didn’t expect an answer but I had high hopes.

Yesterday I got a lovely email in response. He thanked me for reminding him what he loved about his job and why. He was also very pleased (his word) to know that he’d reached someone on that level. (Truthfully I was very pleased to be reached on that level. I need the snow and cold to go so I can stretch my wings on the bike.)

So never underestimate the power of your words. You can always help someone. Your stories will give someone else courage to keep going.

Thanks for reading! Have great day!

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