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Staying Focused With Creativity

It is hard to want to write with no sleep.  I had high hopes for last night but Stella barked every hour once until Chris got home.  Sometimes Essie would join in.  So I got maybe two hours of solid sleep.  I woke at 5am and would doze then check the clock as I had to get up at 6am to make sure that I got my article written and submitted.  Truthfully I feel awful right now.

Work should hopefully be fairly light today.  I would be very grateful for that as I have been busting tail this past week.  Hopefully I can read some of my review books without falling asleep.  I make no promises though.  I try to take notes as I go just incase.  I am feeling a but overwhelmed lately.  So much new material to read and then there are the books want to read.  Ah well.  There will be a happy medium somewhere I’m sure.

I currently have four books I am reading that I need to write reviews for as well as the books I have read that I would like to write reviews for (like Joe Hill’s Full Throttle).  I would also like to try my hand at some basic how to articles. There are also some stories that I need to edit and find a home for either in a magazine or online publication. There is enough time to do all this. I just need to sit and do it. Sometimes that is the hardest part. After so much of that with winter I find myself wanting to get out and do things.

The time has come to get myself ready for work. I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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