Garage Update

This is late late even by my normal standards.  I hit the ground running this morning.  I am quite proud of myself.  I have gotten a LOT accomplished so far today.  I got the article for last night’s meeting submitted and attended this morning’s meeting, I got ALL my bills paid for the month (including paying off the dog credit card), and I have got the ball rolling to figure out what is needed to get the garage useable.  The garage is going to be a (excuse the language) shitstorm of trouble.  Permits expired, were not renewed or never gotten.  On top of the laundry list that we have with what is wrong with the garage the main trusses have been compromised due to how they put in the loft.  SO the company who has manufactured the trusses has to provide an engineering solution for a fix or the garage is basically unuseable.  As to any other issues the inspector had I will be gettting an email from him as to what those were.

But at least I am making headway.  I know what is going on instead of the “easy fix” that the contractor was talking about.  I know things are much more serious.  I need to compose an email terminating him so that it is on file and he cannot try to get more money. So the hunt will be on to find another builder to finish up. The gal I talked to was very helpful and gave a lot of good suggestions.

Sooooo I guess I’d better get looking for another builder. Please let the next one be good!

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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