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Moving the Body to Help the Mind

Everyone here has been exhausted all week.  I think we all got our fill of sleep last night.  For which I am grateful.  Time to start a new day.  The sun is out even with a lot of clouds in the sky.  This will make a big difference for me.  I hope to try to focus on my writing again today.  The pups have been so patient with me.

Seeing the birds come out remind me that I need to put out more bird seed after all the snow we got last night.  Maybe a foot or so.  Not much for humans but it makes foraging a bit more difficult for the local critters.

Rereading this it sounds disjointed.  Coffee has not reached full capacity yet and the brain is still not up to operating temperature.  Yesterday I pulled out a DVD that Mom had given me years ago.  It is called Home Spa.  It has three discs.  One is a DVD of Pilates and yoga while the other two are sound CDs (a forest as a storm rolls through on one and being on a beach listening to the waves and gulls is the other).  I did part of the warm up on the DVD.  I realized that I was sore from all the work I had been doing on my own, both cleaning out cars at the lot and the random exercises I do.  The cool thing was it gave me hope.  I remembered enjoying my yoga practice when I did it on a regular basis.  I may try that again. Even if it is just doing a few stretches here and there.

I try to do things during the winter to keep me active and thus happy. If find that if I feel like I have somehow taken care of myself and I think I look good (yes I do care even though many think don’t) I feel better mentally as well as physically. Yoga is usually my go to since it really doesn’t require anything. Well my belly dancing doesn’t either but that is more of a routine whereas yoga can be done wherever and whenever.

I should probably get myself moving. The coffee is almost gone and I may sneak out and take a few photos of the sun and snow (is it Spring yet?!). Thanks for reading! I hope you have a great day!

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