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Lighting the Flame

This is a late late post for me. We got to bed very late and got up a little past or normal time. I thought the house felt cold so I checked the temperature. Yep, the furnace had blown out. The only good thing about little sleep today was that the house wasn’t cold cold when we got up. We did get the promised snow last night so I was grateful things weren’t worse.

After trying to find something that would reach the pilot with a bit of flame at the end I gave up and cleaned off the car in search of the long fireplace matches. Fortunately the local grocery had them. (We do have one of those long wand lighters for the grill but it isn’t long enough to reach the pilot light.) Once back home I was able to get the furnace going in short order.

Along those same lines I need to find something to relight my own creative pilot light when my inner flame goes out. Some days it is hard and I will thumb through numerous writing and creativity books in search of help. Other days it is as easy as taking a photo and using it as a story starter. Then there are the days when naught helps so I sit dormant and see what happens.

I did get a few photos last night if the Wolf Moon before she disappeared. I hope you like them! Have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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