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Sweet Spot

I finally get decent sleep and I get woken up by jack wagons turning around IN our yard.  Twice.  Not pulling into the driveway and backing out but turning around IN the yard.  Set the dogs off and pissed me off.  Which sucked because I went to bed in such a good mood!  I had done nothing but my writing all day after Chris left for work.  I feel like I gotten woken up ever hour or so.  It was more like every three hours til Chris got home.

But I did get a lot accomplished yesterday.  Puppy treats got made (I even took the time to make the apple ones), dishes swapped out, laundry done and put away, book review written and sent out…  After Chris left I did a lot of writing and reading.  it felt amazing to be back in the groove.

Today will be extra busy at work as I have eight vehicles going out.  I need to get going as soon as I get there since I have one vehicle to clean out before anyone gets there.  The fun should start around 9:30am.  Atleast it will be much warmer today.  I think it is still raining.

I’ve decided that some of my book reviews are going to get posted on here.  I won’t do a second blog just for that.  Photos maybe.  I will warn everyone now most of the books I review are horror books so you might skip those if you want.  Also if you have a book (any genre) you would like me to review (yours or someone elses’s) please feel free to tell me.  I am always looking for new reading material!

I see by the clock I need to get moving.  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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