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Keeping Busy

Another shorty coming down the pipes to you.  Things will be busy at work so I don’t think I will have much time to read or write at the lot.  Four vehicles getting transported and four that need to be cleaned out.

Essie and I did get a lot done yesterday all in a very short amount of time.  After her vet visit (everyone thought she was the sweetest thing and we got plenty of hugs before we left) we went to two banks (I had to make a deposit and then make my car payment), tried to get cheeseburgers (it was 15 minutes before they were going to start serving lunch so it was a no go), stopped by the lot and grabbed the propane tank, gassed up the car, got cheeseburger sliders at the store, filled the propane tank, dropped it off at the lot then went home.  We got home by 11:30am.  Her appointment was at 10:15am.  Oh and we drove through a snow squall.  (Sounds more impressive than it was.)  Essie had fun but was happy to be home.

I was too tired to make treats yesterday so that will either happen tonight or tomorrow.  Probably tomorrow.  I am wiped out with just one night of sleep.  It is going to be very cold today at the lot so I will need my layers.  Maybe some extra coffee to stay warm if I have time.  I need to get rollin’.  I hope everyone has a great day!

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