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Where Am I?

I have no idea where to start anymore.  I guess just start each day with the new start mindset.  After I got home yesterday I let Essie out to go potty with her brother and she came back in with her right eye closed and her left almost completely closed.  Her eyes weren’t swollen they just would not stay open.  I gave her an allergy pill and that seemed to help.  But then I let her out again and when she came back in her eyes were shutting up again.  She seems better this morning.

I have gotten little to no sleep.  As a result I am struggling not to be cranky.  I have a lot to do while Essie and I are out.  After her vet visit we need to go to the bank and make my car payment then stop by the lot and get the propane tank and got fill that.  I had intended to make treats yesterday but I ended up cleaning house.  So I need to make the treats today at one point.  Truly these things are not a big deal but today they are.

This year has had a rough start.  I am still behind on doing reviews.  I am not sure how to catch up on all this.  Well I now have Thursday to myself.  My meeting that had been rescheduled from last week has been cancelled.  Maybe that is a sign.  Of what I’m not sure.  lol

I had all these plans to do things for other people and I haven’t been able to follow through (mostly due to finances).  I feel bad about that.  But bills gotta get paid.  I still feel like a loser because I wasn’t able to help when needed.

Moose isn’t gonna be happy when Essie and I get ready to leave later. He has not left my side for the past three days. It is going to be hard not to feel guilty. But taking all three kids is not an option. Essie will be freaked out enough without the other two adding to it. And I don’t even want to think about trying to get just her out of the car at the vets. She will take a while to get in and out so I can just see thing one or thing two taking advantage and sneaking out of the car. Maybe I will get them cheeseburgers.

I guess I’d better get going. Thanks for reading. I hope you have a good day and much love to my Australian readers. I hope everyone is able to stay safe!

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