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Working On My Writing

The morning has dawned dark and cold.  I had a hard time waking up this morning.  I know I fell back asleep twice before Essie decided that we needed to be awake.  Today is going to be a slow and don’t want to do anything day.  Which means I need to buckle down harder.  I got a first draft written for my book review yesterday but I need to rewrite it today.  I am not happy with it but I needed to finally get something down on paper.  I am excited to say that I can send it in in the format needed via my phone.  I have no word processing software on my laptop (it didn’t come with any and funds are too tight).  However my iPhone has an app called Pages.  I opened it (seriously for the first time and I have an iPhone 7) yesterday to see what it had.  I was beyond excited to see that I can actually submit writing as a file now instead of hoping that the editor would take the article or whatever I wrote as an email and convert it themselves.  So this is a boon to my anti-procrastination campaign!  One less excuse!

So that being said I also went digging in my “secret” shelf beside the bed last night (an old blue milk crate that is on it’s side and stuffed with various writing books) and pulled out two of my faves that I had forgotten I had.  Word Work by Bruce Holland Rogers and Writing Creative Nonfiction edited by Carolyn Forche and Phillip Gerard. I have had both for years and I read a little then tuck them away like Halloween candy I’m trying to make last. The nonfiction book I believe I got at one of the last writer’s conferences that NMC had too many years ago. I honestly wish they would start that up again. It was close to me and affordable. And the only time I was actually around other writers in the flesh.

So I think this year will be the year I focus on my writing again. I would like to spread out beyond the articles and book reviews and do more. I have two novels written (don’t be impressed, I have been sitting on these since my 20s) but I don’t know if I am up to typing them into my phone to edit and submit them. I do know that I want… I need to move forward with my writing. The question is which direction. I’m not giving up my articles or the book reviews. I’m just looking to add a little more variety to my craft.

I have gone on long enough. I need to either work on the review or read. Or scratch dogs (as soon as they figure out I am done I will be swarmed! Lol). I hope you all have a great day! Thanks for reading!

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