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Another Bright Morning

The colors this morning were amazing!  Just bright pink with yellow and orange undertones cast across the sky as the clouds gently slid through.  I will try to posy atleast one of the photos I took.  I’m not sure how much room I have on the site for more photos.  I have thought about starting another blog just dealing with the photos I have and am taking.  Something to think about.

I have gotten more positive feed back on my writing.  That makes me feel good.  To me it’s just me writing.  I am never sure if it helps others or if anyone can relate.  I did and article recently for Horror Tree for the New Year.  I wasn’t sure what to write so I just wrote from the heart.  Here is the link.

It looks as though the sun will be out again today.  Yay!  I will probably be out taking more photos.  The kids will enjoy being out and about.  We’ve tried to stay busy but not too busy because of Essie’s stitches (which are healing nicely by the way).  I am slowly becoming more comfortable in my own skin again, mentally and physically.

I feel the need to get outside and do something.  So I guess this will be a shorter post.  I hope you all have a great day!  Thanks for reading!

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